Do you have an outstanding debt with State Debt Recovery that you can't pay? You may be eligible for a Work Development Order (WDO) to help reduce or pay your fine.

You may be unable to pay a fine due to:

  • mental illness, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment
  • addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances
  • homelessness
  • extreme financial hardship.

If you're eligible for a WDO, you can pay off or reduce a fine by:

  • doing unpaid work
  • taking a course or
  • receiving treatment.

HCC can help you to assess your eligibility for a WDO. If eligible, you can choose to volunteer with us, or we can refer you to another agency to complete your WDO. Please contact us on 4862 1122 or come into our office at 22 Bendooley Street, Bowral to discuss this with one of our staff. 

For more information about WDOs please visit Revenue NSWs page on WDOs