*Names changed for privacy.

A young Aboriginal couple, Matt* (22) and Chloe* (23), who were expecting their first baby, were referred via Matt’s mother for assistance with housing. Matt and Chloe had been staying with mum, her partner and their four foster children in a 3-bedroom property. Apart from over-crowding, Chloe was in her third trimester and housing was an urgent issue for the couple. We maintained regular contact with both Matt and Chloe, and mum and mum’s partner, separately as the overcrowding was having a significant impact on all family relationships.
We assisted with referrals to homelessness and housing services and provided food via Dhungung Share for the family. Aunty Robin Young, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, and Peter Van Dort from Community Health were supporting Matt with his mental and physical health issues. Baby Mark was then born, and three weeks later a local service was able to provide short term housing to the couple.
We developed a relationship with the Aboriginal Early Childhood Nurse and from there we were able to collaborate to support and identify needs and/or barriers that the young family were experiencing or would potentially experience in the future. Initially, the family were residing in an almost empty house. We secured consent to collaborate with others to resolve this urgent need. We enlisted the assistance of Community Health Workers and community members, used social media to source free household items and led a team effort to support this family who literally had nothing but a bed and a cot. Within one week, we had a lounge, a wardrobe, a bed, linen and soft furnishings and within two weeks other furniture items were secured and delivered, with more donated items still coming in.
HCC was instrumental in resolving such an urgent need for Matt and Chloe to grow and nurture their new family, life and home.